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Customer Showcase


This section showcases some of our key customers and how they are leveraging Turbo Tourney to develop and deliver their contests. If you have a success story that you would like to share, please let us know.


920 ESPN Radio

ESPN 920 in Philadelphia wanted to run their own contests on their web site as a way to generate non-traditional revenue as well as to attract their listener audience to their site. They wanted to run not only a basketball contest associated with the college basketball tournament but also a football contest. With Turbo Tourney Pro (Enterprise Edition) they were able to accomplish running their own contests on their site for a variety of different sporting events.

"I've used Turbo Tourney for years...it's the BEST software I've ever seen to run tournament pools and now, I'm using it on my station's website to run contests for my listeners. It's a great (and easy) way to generate listeners and revenue, have some fun and a breeze to use."

Program Director
920 ESPN Radio


KROQ in Los Angeles wanted to run their own contest for their listeners as a promotional tool but they didn't want the hassle and frustration of having to set it up and run it themselves. With Turbo Tourney Contest Server they were able to have their contest and concentrate on promoting it instead of maintaining it.

Fox 41

Fox 41 WDRB in Louisville wanted to run multiple tournament contests to keep viewer interest throughout the entire tournament. Most contests run only a 64-team bracket contest so Fox 41 also wanted to run 16-team and 4-team bracket contests. With Turbo Tourney Pro (MegaPool Edition) they were able to run multiple contests at once.

"I have been using Turbo Tourney since 1995 because I needed a simple and easy way to manage our pool. Once Turbo Tourney became web enabled, we jumped at the chance to involve all of our viewers in our pools. The interface and implementation are almost turnkey in quality. Technical support has been unsurpassed, the few times that I have needed it. theSideline.com produces great software at a great price and provides great support. Everything we look for in our software."

Internet Development Director
Fox 41, WDRB-TV/Great 58, WFTE-TV

Clear Channel

Clear Channel Cleveland was running an online bracket contest for six radio stations and needed a working solution to loading entries, scoring the brackets and posting standings. With Turbo Tourney from theSideline.com they were able to import all of their entries and quickly post updated standings on their web site.

"We needed a turn key profitable solution on the fly and Turbo Tourney was the perfect solution. It was easily customizable to fit into our existing site design and when we needed support - they were there for us!"

Internet Marketing Manager
Clear Channel Cleveland

The Daily Herald

The Chicago Daily Herald needed a turnkey solution to manage their on-line March Madness contest. They wanted a completely branded contest with the ability to customize and quickly implement a solution. The company found exactly what it needed in the Turbo Tourney Contest Server product from theSideline.com.

"It really is a perfect solution for us... We're able to have a first class Web contest without the typical down time faced with development. We've been able to turn our attention toward revenue generation vs. development time."

Interactive Sales & Marketing Manager
The Chicago Daily Herald

The Bismarck Tribune

The Bismarck Tribune wanted to run a contest promotion through their publication. They found that the Turbo Tourney (MegaPool Edition) product from theSideline.com was the best solution for an in-print and online tournament contest.

"Having worked with Turbo Tourney before, I was impressed at the ease of use and especially the web deployment. Turbo Tourney makes running any contest of this nature not only feasible, but a must! I highly recommend it to anyone thinking of doing their own online promotion of any major sporting tournament."

Internet Consultant
The Bismarck Tribune

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