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ESPN Radio 920 Selects Turbo Tourney Pro For Contest Promotion

Online Contests To Be Hosted With Turbo Tourney Pro

ANKENY, Iowa. (2/29/2004) - theSideline.com, a leading provider of sports tournament pool and contest software, today announced that ESPN Radio 920 will use Turbo Tourney Pro (Enterprise Edition) to manage their upcoming online tournament contests. "In additional to the college basketball tournament, ESPN 920 Radio was looking for a single solution to running contests all year long.," said Doug Kolpek, President, theSideline.com. "The Turbo Tourney Pro product allows them to have a contest running almost all of the time."

"I've used Turbo Tourney for years...it's the BEST software I've ever seen to run tournament pools and now, I'm using it on my station's website to run contests for my listeners." said Tripp Rogers, ESPN Radio 920 Program Director. "It's a great (and easy) way to generate listeners and revenue, have some fun and a breeze to use."

Turbo Tourney Pro is an automated pool manager for a variety of popular sporting events. With the ability to handle up to 10,000 players (Enterprise Edition) along with a wide array of manager tools, Turbo Tourney Pro takes all the work out of this time-consuming and error prone task. You setup all your options, customize your pool parameters and let Turbo Tourney Pro do the rest!

About theSideline.com, Inc.
theSideline.com, Inc. is the premier provider of tournament pool contest management systems for individuals and businesses. The company has redefined the way tournament contests are managed by introducing technology that makes it easy to run a variety of tournament contests. The company has helped thousands of contest managers and web site content providers make the task of running tournament pool contest quick and easy. theSideline.com is based in Ankeny, Iowa. For more information, visit www.thesideline.com.

About ESPN Radio 920
ESPN Radio 920 carries programming from ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports, and home to America's most popular and respected sports personalities. ESPN 920 provides live on-site coverage of the biggest sporting events, inside information and breaking news in the world of sports, as well as complete college football and NFL coverage, and exclusive NBA and Major League Baseball broadcasts.

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